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This site is being developed to share my exploration into the biblical scriptures related to the transition from the current Church age to the next age — the Millennial Reign of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Throughout human history, God has demon-strated enduring love and patience for the human race. Yet, this endurance will not last for eternity. At some point in the future, the harvest of souls will be full, God will hand Satan's eviction judgment to his Son Jesus Christ, and legions of evil will be unleashed resulting in such tribulation as has never been seen.

You and I may or may not be alive during this time, but John's apocalype instructs us to listen & heed the words written in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The task assigned to each individual? Obedience — obedience to our conscience... that quiet internal voice that guides us in the direction we should go.

Why another rendition of an old tale that has already been told by many and in so many versions?

We should search the scriptures to discover the message God personally intends for us. Unfortunately, many scholars view the Bible as a source of proofs to validate pre- conceived theological positions – they do not read to learn but rather to verify existing beliefs. Over the millennia, biblical com- mentary has been so piled on top of biblical commentary that their comments only vaguely resemble the scriptures. Time has not added to our understanding of scripture rather it has obscured it. It's time for a fresh look.

The term “end times” frequently conveys a meaning of “the end of the world.” This is a grievous error… The Earth will not end in the near future. The Great Tribulation will, however, mark a transition from the current Church Age to the coming Millennial Age. A different world, but humans will continue...

Draft of the Complete Study (7MB)
This is the "working" copy of the current draft including incomplete, unrevised, and unedited sections.

With all glory, honor, and praise to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...
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