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Page 298: The Giving of the Seven Bowls of Wrath / The First Six Plagues, Revelation 16:1-16, Matthias Gerung (1500–1570)

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Constructive comments and questions are welcome and may be emailed to me at If you feel compelled to tell me that this study is the work of Satan or that I am going to burn in hell for my comments, then you may certainly email those comments as well. If you have a desire to prove one of my assertions wrong, please provide as much detail as possible including supporting scripture, reasoning, explanations, examples, etc. I taught high school students for over two decades, and they taught me a great deal -- no one is ever too old to learn.

If you find an error in spelling, word usage, grammar, or punctuation, please send me a note detailing the section, paragraph, and error. I do a horrible job proofreading my own work. My wife does an excellent job, but I'd have to help her grade 8th grade math papers, and I hate to grade 8th grade math papers.

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